How to get the best deal on circular saw – even if you’re terrible at saving

Lately, i’ve noticed that a lot of people are asking me for mini circular saw reviews. It might be because people are starting to care about interior and exterior of their homes, and want to make it look better, or just as a gift for upcoming father’s day. Whichever it is, i’m more than happy to give you advice that i wish someone gave to me when i was in your position. Confusing thing about internet is that you hear so much different opinions that it’s kind of hard to differentiate credible writers from wannabes who just want to appear smart. Well, i’m not saying that i’m a world expert in circular saws, but i read a lot about them, and try to keep up with the newest trends and product releases.

 First of all, if you want to get a good deal on circular saw, you chose good time to buy it. Because of the fact that tools like circular saws make great gifts for father’s day, they are heavily discounted for the holiday. It’s not much, probably around 50$ of savings that you can expect, but some people love to save on every product they get. So even though they might be short, there will be some sweet deals on circular saws soon, and be sure to look out for them.

Amazon is pretty good place to hunt for deals on circular saws.  Their prices are competitive without promotions as well, and with their return policy, Amazon seems like the best place to buy any tools, at least for me. The only retail store that comes close to Amazon, is good old HomeDepot. Prices are slightly lower in online marketplace, HomeDepot has its advantages, such as, being able to try out the circular saw physically before buying it. It’s a strong advantage, because Amazon buyers are sometimes disappointed by the size and weight of product they get in their mail. On the other hand, you can always double-check such details in questions or read reviews written by people who have already bought and used the same saw.

The last thing i want to say, is that, if you want to get a best product for the money, always go for the corded versions against the cordless ones. It doesn’t really matter which exact tool it is, as batteries in most home improvement tools are really weak and drain quickly. I, personally, have both, because it’s my profession, but if i were an amateur, i would go for corded circular saw and not the cordless one. It’s just my preference based on tons of complaints i’ve gotten from people who have first used cordless circular saws. First impression is always that they’re not as useful as people expect them to be.

You can also get a better price on any tools by going on eBay and checking out the listings for used products. I know – it always feels better to get the new one, but some circular saws on eBay look and function exactly like a new one, and cost only half the price.

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