How to pick the best pregnancy leggings – complete guide

Pregnancy may well be one of the most rewarding experiences for a woman, but it brings with it a whole host of challenges. These can range from back pain and ankle swelling, tender breasts, and morning sickness, to name a few. On the flip side, choosing maternity wear can be a daunting task as well, especially for first-time moms-to-be. Clothes seem to shrink by two or three sizes all of a sudden and nothing feels comfortable and relaxed. One article of clothing, however, is guaranteed to provide that degree of comfort you’re looking for – leggings. We’ve put together a list of what to look for, in the best leggings for pregnancy in 2017, to ease your journey into motherhood.

Before we begin to examine the features that pregnancy leggings should have, let’s ask ourselves, ‘Why leggings?’

To put it simply, leggings are an essential closet must-have for women, whether pregnant or not. They’re a great garment to add some panache to long sequined tops, they keep you warm when the weather is cold, they come in a multitude of styles from plain to party wear!
Leggings during pregnancy can be especially comforting. Having that little bit of additional support around the back and belly, ease the strain on your feet and make you feel warm and hugged.

Having said that, let’s look at how to pick out the best leggings for pregnancy.

#1. Choice of fabric

Stretchy, elastic, and breathable fabrics are a clear win when it comes to picking leggings. Most cotton and blended cotton fabrics are made of naturally occurring fiber and do not cause rashes and itchiness due to sweat retention.
Spandex and its variants provide elasticity and fit nicely over your belly while giving you firm support. The material also retains its elasticity and snaps back to shape when taken off.
Soft and plush material make you feel cozy and warm. Be sure not to pick too warm a material, or the summer months will make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

#2. Fit and Size

This factor really depends on how high or how low you wear your normal pants. Most expectant mothers prefer firm belly and lower back support to ease their pregnancy woes. Try to buy fitted leggings that have some leeway and stretch to accommodate belly growth without losing firmness or shape. As you progress in your pregnancy, your clothing should not cinch too tightly around your hips and stomach as it could hamper circulation.
On the other side of that coin, it’s better to buy well-fitted and snug leggings, as opposed to, loose and baggy ones. Snug fits provide better support when you need it the most and they also look great on your legs!


#3. Style and trends

Any piece of clothing worn at any time defines a little bit about your personality. The right maternity attire complements that beautiful glow that moms-to-be, naturally acquire. There are hundreds of varieties of leggings to choose from, such as color blocked single shaded leggings, gradients and patterns, florals and feminine, and so on. Leggings are also differentiated based on their opacity. Sheer leggings can often be worn with layers of clothes, whereas more opaque ones can work with a stylish tunic or trendy top!
We recommend, however, that you try on every piece that you intend to buy to see how well it fits or doesn’t fit.

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