Best ice fishing shelters for newbies

In order to succeed in ice fishing, first you need to survive in extremely cold weather. There are lots of different types of products which can help you do that, but in this post, i want to talk about most important and useful part of ice fishing gear – shelters. No matter what, you need decent shelter in order to catch some fish and not freeze to death. Some people won’t agree, but i think one should spend as much money as possible to get great ice fishing shelter. These may cost a little more than regular camping tents, but it’s for a reason. Manufacturers usually use advanced insulation techniques and make unique design for each shanty. So you have to pay more for best ice fishing shelters. Personally, i paid about 400$, and i still use my shanty and it will probably last at least few more years. If you think about it – it’s way cheaper to pay higher price for best ice fishing could just be cheap and save money on these, but it will cost more in the end.

If you are very limited in your finances, here’s what i recommend : find out if any of your friends are interested in ice fishing or get them interested, and buy ice fishing shanty together. Best ice fishing shelters can usually accommodate several people, so if each one of you puts hundred bucks, you can afford to buy great ice fishing shelter that will last for years.

But money is not the only thing standing between you and perfect ice fishing shanty. There are several interesting facts and tips you need to know. For example, you have to decide on which type of ice fishing shelter you want. As far as i know, hub style ice fishing shelters are the best, but you shouldn’t make your decision based on my opinion. Read lots of expert’s reviews on best ice fishing shelters and there you will find out a lot more about these details. I could write them for you, but already has perfect little summaries of each type.

Now let’s quickly discuss the brands. Personally, i love Clam because they manufacture products that are durable and valuable. If you look up and compare their price to competitors, you’ll see that their products are the best bargain for the price. Other companies like Frabil might have better ice fishing gear, but it costs a lot more too. That’s why i choose to stick with Clam with all my purchases. For now, i bought ice fishing suit and shelter from them, but i’m looking forward to buying more.

There are some people on YouTube who made video reviews as well, but i think just following the link above will be enough for you to choose great product for your needs. Overall, i decided to write this review because couldn’t find anything better on this topic. I hope i didn’t waste my time for nothing, and it will help someone.

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